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Tiny Photos Attached to Larger Documents

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The Jamestown Historical Society has more than 11,000 photographs in its collection. Six of these are unique because they are tiny visuals that are attached to larger documents: two postcards, two envelopes, a Christmas card, and a card about a movie theater.


These two postcards date from 1912. Both cards have the same poem – a four line ditty extolling “a place so fine” – but different 1¼ by 2¼-inch images. The first picture is of the Jamestown waterfront and the second is of the ferryboat CONANICUT. The poem and cards were produced by F. A. Hubold. Born in New Jersey in 1879, Francis Albert Hubold served in the Spanish American War with the Wisconsin Light Brigade. In 1909 he was a photographer for the St. Paul Dispatch in St. Paul, MN. From then until his death in 1946 he worked in the photography field in the St. Paul area.


In 1937, each Christmas card sent by William Gilman Low featured a 4-by-3-inch photograph of the Beavertail Light. The photo is from the frontispiece of “A Short History of Beaver Tail Light, Conanicut, Rhode Island,” by Low, which was published by the Jamestown Historical Society, Number 7, August 1936.


A photograph of the new bridge was attached to an envelope issued for the dedication of the Jamestown Bridge on August 3, 1940. The envelope has the dimensions of the bridge. The photo is 1¼ inches by 1¾ inches. (Please note that an image of this card is not available online, but will be soon.)


An 8-by-5-inch card reported the status of the Palace (Bomes) Theatre for the MGM Theatre in 1941. The report said that the theatre had 486 seats and was in fair condition. Reports with similar photographs were created for all east coast theatres showing MGM movies. The photo, taken in May 1941, is 4½ by 2 ¾ inches. (Please note that an image of this card is not available online, but will be soon.)


An envelope with a photograph of the Beavertail Light has two 1992 cancellations. A card inside describes the history of the lighthouse. The photo is 3 by 4 inches. The envelope showing the photograph of Beavertail Light is shown here. (Both the envelope and the photograph are new acquisitions which are not available online at this time, but will be soon.)

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