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FAll 2020 Newsletter. By now you should have received our Fall newsletter both in an email and delieverd to your post office box or home. 

Even though we needed to close the Windmill, Meeting House and Museum to visitors, our volunteers have been pretty busy working from home on our Collections and future outreach initiatives for this winter. We have several new board members that will be working on great ideas for non-contact programs. Especially exciting is the new project titled Memories of the 1950s where we will be looking for stories and photos about Jamestown  that we can share with everyone.

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Library Exhibit, December 2020 World War II: The Home Front

Library Exhibit, December 2020 World War II: The Home Front

The new exhibit in the JHS display case in the Jamestown Philomenian Library celebrates the different ways the people in Jamestown supported its military forces fighting in Europe and the Far East from 1941 to 1945. Ambulance volunteers, c.1945 Those unable to serve...

Watching for Incoming Aircraft in World War II

Watching for Incoming Aircraft in World War II

From 1938 through 1940, the United States watched with growing concern the war that was engulfing Europe.  Air warfare directed against civilians, demonstrated in the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940, led some – especially on the eastern seaboard – to fear for...

From the Collection – Noel

From the Collection – Noel

Perusing archival material in the JHS collection, we came upon a reminiscence titled “Noel” that was written by W. L. Watson, December 1948. Among Mr. Watson’s thoughtful words about family holidays and summer visits at the Carr homestead, he reflects upon the value...

2020 Fall Newsletter

2020 Fall Newsletter

Our Fall 2020 Newsletter is now available for download.  Don't miss the committee reports of all the things that we've been working on while at home. And take a look  at the donations that made over the past year, we value everyone's efforts to keep Jamestown history...