Jamestown Historical Society

Who Is JHS?

Programs & Exhibits

JHS Mission Statement

To collect, preserve, and share with others the heritage of Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Special Projects

Stories in Stone

A cemetery tour through Cedar Cemetery and the adjoining Hazard and Friends graveyards took place on October 2. The tour, two years in the making, provided 80 attendees with a tour of eight different ancient grave sites and the histories of those individuals. Gravestones of 16th-century founders, ferrymen, teachers, and newly manumitted African Americans provided re-enactors the settings for riveting stories. Sue Maden led the project. In addition to the eight interpreters, more than 20 members volunteered to research and write the scripts, and as docents, videographers, archivists staging artifacts, and servers providing refreshments.

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Extraordinary Women of the East Bay

A traveling exhibition celebrating women who have made a difference in East Bay communities. JHS was one of the 16 organizations that contributed to the exhibit and 6 Jamestown Women were included in the 60 featured women.  Elizabeth Clark, Marguerite Eddy, Mary Stearns McGaughan, Mary Robinson Miner, Mary Rosengarten and Catharine Morris Wright each had a banner with their picture and an explanation of their accomplishments displayed in the exhibit.

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Sue Maden Postcard Collection Goes Online

Sue Maden began collecting postcards of Jamestown in the 1970s and when she donated her collection to JHS in 2013 the cards numbered just over 1000. Both sides of the postcards are shown allowing online viewers to enjoy the beautiful images, read the messages and see the postage stamps.


Rhode Tour

JHS teams up with the RI Council for the Humanities and other institutions to participate in Rhode Tour, a smartphone app and website that uses text, sound, and images to bring Rhode Island stories to the palm of your hand. Our contribution Jamestown Forts: Rhode Island’s First Line of Defense took a look at the history of military installations in Jamestown beginning with Civil War Camp Bailey on Dutch Island and ending with WWII Camp Burnside on Beavertail.

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Restorations Complete

The JHS completed all its Museum restorations and finished the vault in the basement of Jamestown town Hall.


JHS Capital Campaign

The JHS implemented a Capital Campaign and raised over $500,000 to repair / restore the Museum , build an environmentally controlled vault for valuables in its collection, and to add to its endowment to help pay for operations and programs.


Long Range Plan

The JHS developed and adopted a Long Range Plan to restore the 1886 Museum building, build an environmentally controlled vault, open a museum workshop in the Town’s school.


Land Title Purchased

The JHS purchased at auction the Town’s first land title: a 1657 document dividing the island among the first 100 owners.

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Team & Leadership

Current: 2023-2024

Betsy Baldwin

Sue Maden

Ross Williams

Rosemary Enright

Bill Burgin, Abigail Campbell-King, Christine Clarke, Alma Davenport, Peter Fay, Nikki
Gladding, Sandra Good, Lisa Harris, Joyce Hooley-Bartlett, Karen Montoya, Leo
Orsi, Elizabeth Reid, Dianne Rugh, Patricia Sheehan