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Jamestown’s Working Farms

From Jamestown’s very beginning to the present day, working farms make up a considerable portion of the acres on our island. According to a map produced in 1933 to show all the farms of Jamestown at the turn of the twentieth century, at that time most of the land was farmed.

Today, four farms located in the “farming center” at the intersection of North Road and Weeden Lane cover 502 acres or 8% of the island. These farms – Windmist Farm, Hodgkiss Farm, Watson Farm, and Dutra Farm – are permanently protected from development.

A portion of this map is shown below with the farms at the “farming center” highlighted.

Windmist Farm -

Grass-fed meats, eggs from free range chickens and seasonal vegetables are produced and sold on Windmist Farm’s 44 acres, located on the southeast corner of North Road and Weeden Lane. In 2021, during the Jamestown Historical Society’s “Farm Tour”, Martha Neale explained to our members, the operation of the farm that she operates with her husband George, her daughter Chandler and Chandler’s fiancé Cooper Parkerson. Follow this link to see photos of Windmist Farm and Martha Neale. Windmist Farm is well known for its belted Galway cows.

Hodgkiss Farm -

To the west of North Road, across from Windmist farm, is Hodgkiss Farm on 44 acres. Hodgkiss Farm is owned by Gail and Harry Chase. The farm produces hay to help feed Windmist’s belted cows. Windmist’s sheep are often grazed on Hodgkiss Farm. Harry also sells locally produced vegetables and fruits on his farm stand. The farm stand is “self serve, karma honor system”. Harry often likes to artistically arrange his produce, especially around the autumn harvest season.

Watson Farm -

North of Hodgkiss Farm is Watson FarmThe 265 acres of Watson Farm are protected by Historic New England. The farm produces grass fed beef and lamb and wool blankets for local markets. Sheep shearing is a yearly event at Watson farm.

Dutra Farm -

Across North Road, to the east of Watson Farm is Dutra Farm. Dutra Farm, comprising 140 acres, is also protected land. It currently produces hay for local farms. Pigs from Windmist Farm are also grazed on Dutra Farm land.

To see more images of these four Working Farms of Jamestown, click on JTN Working Farms.

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