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Tennant cottage on Narragansett Avenue.

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Then & Now: Where We Stayed

Summer 2018 Exhibit

Then & Now: Where We Stayed, curated by Jim Buttrick, told the story of the hotels and boarding houses where visitors would stay – sometimes for months – in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Ferry houses, where a stranded traveler could remain for short periods, were the first “hotel” accommodations. Boarding houses – at the beginning, often farmhouses where rooms could be rented for a week or a month, board included – came next, followed closely by the resort hotels. The hotels and most of the boarding houses were summer only.

A large chart showed the rise and fall in the number of rooms available, with a high point of over 1,200 rooms about 1900.

This exhibit showed aspects of Jamestown you may never have known to exist and challenge your memory with the images chosen.

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