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Colonial Records

Colonial records include the original signed prepurchase agreement among the men who acquired the islands from the Narragansett, a bill for the building of the second Beavertail Lighthouse in 1755, several Quaker marriage contracts, and documents about the town’s preparations for the American Revolution.
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Agricultural Era

Agricultural artifacts, including household objects from the 1760 Carr-Hazard Farmhouse, contribute to a vivid picture of life in Jamestown before 1873.
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Summer Resort Era

The Resort Era began with the introduction of the steam ferries in 1873. Signs, menus, hotel account books, over 1000 photographs of the summer “cottages” and hotels, and several paintings – including oils by James Brade Sword and Francis X. West – celebrate the era.
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Getting to and from the islands was an important part of Jamestown life, and the society has collected a wide variety of documents and artifacts about the ferries and the bridges, including the original handwritten minutes for the Jamestown and Newport Ferry Company from its inception in 1872 to 1909 and over 800 photographs with accompanying reports documenting the maintenance of the old Jamestown Bridge.
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Until the late 20th century, the military – sensitive to its strategic location in Narragansett Bay – maintained forts and other installations on the island. Flags, signs, and records of the use of local forts for detention of prisoners of war, as well as photographs of the military at the various installations, record the federal government’s influence.
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Jamestown Philomenian Library Collection

Papers and periodicals in the local history collection at the Jamestown Philomenian Library are included in the catalog. Programs from events, records of student awards, and articles about real estate transaction and artistic endeavors give insight into the public life of the town.
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Collection News

From the Collection – Conanicut Battery

From the Collection – Conanicut Battery

In May of 1776, the Americans hastily built an earthwork battery in a large field on the west side of the Beavertail peninsula on Conanicut Island. British diarist Frederick Mackenzie later described the fortification as a “Battery or Redoubt with 4 embrasures” facing...

From the Collection – Samuel W. Smith, Florist and Nurseryman

From the Collection – Samuel W. Smith, Florist and Nurseryman

The early 1840s in Newport saw the rise of the “estate era” in gardening. Large tracts of land were purchased by people of means wanting to display their wealth by surrounding their estates with European style landscaping. In order to maintain these lavish gardens...

Spring - Fall 2020


DAR ribbon with pins that belonged to Marguerite Eddy, who was the founder of the Jamestown John Eldred chapter of the DAR 

Collection of Hazard family photos sent by Miranda Hazard granddaughter of the late Luke F. Hazard Jr.

Two booklets with pictures of Kay Worden’s works 

Two photos of John Price Wetherill cottage and Wetherill dock, Ticket issued to George Stout (John Price Wetherill’s son-in-law who was physician with summer practice in Jamestown) for travel from NYC to Bahamas 

Packet from the May 2020 Jamestown Financial Town Meeting 

Key chain Bayview Hotel Room 12

Photographs of Ann Louis Clarke, Dorothy Clarke, unidentified Clarke family woman, and Clarke family member Oscar

Meredith and Clarke Christmas card with photograph looking south on Conanicus Avenue-late 1800’s

Material and photographs related to the Kennedy family, owners of Grey Ledge

Six photos taken of outdoor student murals and tent classrooms at Jamestown Lawn Avenue School during Covid 19 

The Guide to the American Revolutionary War in Canada and New England by Norman Desmarais 

Photograph of remodeling of Hunt Building, Photograph of group who completed Jamestown/Verrazzano Bridge walk 

Dr. W. Lincoln Bates business card

Copies of deeds in 1957 and 1958 related to Commerce Oil purchase of land for the refinery including land acquired by Eldred Realty which then sold it to Commerce Oil

Manuscript drawing describing a plot of farm belonging to Job Watson surveyed by Joseph Martin for a division March 2, 1832

Navel Torpedo Testing Facility.  Prepared by Marcos A. Paiva, archaeologist U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, April 8, 2020

Vase believed to have been attached to Harry Shatzer’s coach for holding funeral or wedding flowers

Jamestown Telephone Directories for 2000-2001, 2002-2003 and 2003-2004, Jamestown Business Guide 1995-1996, Discover Rhode Island Tall Ships 2004

Slides of building overpass over North Road and Clingstone photograph

Winter 2019 - Spring 2020


Brochure, Jamestown Rhode Island, published by the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce, date unknown.

Millennium 2000 Celebration button that lights up

Three views of house plans for 24 Prudence

Images of Old Jamestown Bridge causeway after bridge demolition

Photo of AV Richardson Garage with Alfred Richardson on the right

Photograph of Jamestown Day 1900, Photograph Gardner House, Photograph Moveable Chapel

Research material collected for a 1986 Columbia University M.S. Thesis, Jamestown, Rhode Island, a nineteenth century resort and Shoreby Hill, a resort suburb,

Transcription of town document (T2007.026.018) To Robinson and Joseph Underwood, Aug. 30, 1809

Correspondence: Jamestown Protective Association and Narragansett Bay Home Owners Association, December 1956 – July 1958

Documents relating to the lawsuit against Commerce Oil Refinery

The Narragansett Bay Oyster Company Watch House by Roger Wilkins

Scrapbooks of graduates of the Clarke School 1923-1955, Jamestown Community Theatre scrapbook

Newspaper clippings about the building of the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge

Opening of the Newport Bridge official cachet created by the Newport Stamp Club and the Newport Chamber of Commerce, Brochure, Ceremonies for New England’s Largest Suspension Span The Newport Bridge

Hurricane 1954, Two scans of 1954 photographs of Windmill, T-shirt from 2017 Neon Night

East Passage Estates sales brochure, Newspaper advertisement for lots in East Passage Estates

Two maps of East Passage Estates Section 1, Commerce Oil Refining Corporation, Oct. 19, 1977

North Island Properties price list, March 1, 1986

Film of Sue Maden’s presentation, Commerce Oil Refinery Corporation

Copy of lithograph of Oliver Caswell in the National Portrait Gallery, Copy of Caswell’s journal which is posted on Perkins School for the Blind website, Copy of Perkins School for the Blind Annual Report, 1834

William Trost Richards Hieroglyphs of Landscape, edited by Jeffery Howe

Documents relating to 46 Clarke’s Village Road, a building moved from Maplewood

Fall 2019


Bakers Pharmacy Sign

Items relating to Duncan Buttrick

Scans Carr Family documents

Brochure, Tell Us About the Islands: Rhode Island’s Islands Oral History Project

Items relating to the quick claim sale of Greene Farm

Photos of the construction of the Jamestown Verrazano Bridge

Filmed interviews of members of the American Legion

Scan of sales agreement between Clarke and John Remington for the sale of North Ferry

Fall 2018

Sign with the name Islander Restaurant on one side and the name Chopmist Charlie on the other side.

Photographs and documents related to two notable Jamestown properties, Cedar Point and Cedar Hill.

Jamestown Dog Tag 1. The metal tag in the shape of a dog house is inscribed “Dog Tax, 1974 Jamestown, Rhode Island 1”.

Letters from two organizations formed to oppose the Commerce Oil refinery.

Material collected by Catharine Morris Wright when she edited the book, The Portuguese of Conanicut Island: History through Memories 1895-1980, published in 1980.

The Collections Committee was able to purchase a 1784 document with affidavits related to the previously acquired 1783 Report of the Committee Appointed by the General Assembly Relative to the North End Farm on Conanicut. The case involved the dispute of ownership of the North End Farm after the evacuation of Rhode Island by the British troops.

Spring 2017

Guide to Watson Farm.

Book: Goat Island and the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station by Richard V. Simpson, 2016.

Article, The Secret POW Camp that Fought Nazi Ideology by Paul E. Kandarian, University of R.I. Quadangle, Fall 2016.

Fun and Healthy Snack Recipes by Jamestown Junior Girls Scout Troop #865, 1995.

Navy yeoman’s WWI uniform belonging to Bertha Richardson Brager; photo of Bertha Richardson Brager in the uniform; photo of Bertha, her sister Mable, an unidentified woman, and Alfred Richardson.

Seven printing blocks for Meredith & Clarke Christmas cards.

Hand blown glass ball.

Archives and photographs from Conanicut Grange No. 21.

Page from sketchbook with drawing of Jamestown shoreline from Owen Wister’s Crowfield home, 1915.

Portuguese American Club membership card; program Jamestown Community Chorus Concert, Dec. 11, 2016.

T-shirt Jamestown RI 2017 1st Day Plunge.

4 Bay View Hotel registers 1917-1942; 4 photos of telephone office; Bay View Hotel registration cards; Jamestown Ferry Division, Freight Shipping forms.

Magnet, Beavertail Lighthouse; Deb Ruggiero hot pad and political campaign literature; Win Reed business card; paper model of Dutch Island Light; film of the Blabon and Hundt families.

Rug woven by Helen Tefft on the loom in the JHS collection.

Department of Rhode Island. The American Legion Aircraft Warning Service Certificate Mrs. Elizabeth G. Gladding of Jamestown, Rhode Island, April 1942; US Army Air Force Ground Observer Corps to certify that Elizabeth Gladding has served 25 hours as a Ground Observer.

PAC Club sign; poster, Feast of the Holy Ghost “Festa do Espirito Santo” Holy Ghost Hall … Saturday August 12 (year unidentified).

Poster for exhibit, Jamestown Bridge 1940-1990; Condensed Chart of Narragansett Bay, Coastal Resources Management; drawing of Windmill’s bonnet; plans for Jamestown Windmill Stabilization and Restoration,

Copies of Benoist Family photographs.

Life Savers: Rhode Island’s Forgotten Service 1872-1914 by Varoujan Karentz.

7 photos of moving Town Hall and 3 of filming of film, Dan in Real Life.

Papers of Judge and Mrs. C.B. Howry and their daughters Mary Howry and Elizabeth Howry

Conanicut Marine Christmas card; postcard sleeves.

Dr. Chazan Networks, DVD and booklet on outstanding artists including Jamestowners.

DVD Fort Greble on Dutch Island, 1991.

Copy of map, the Dumplings, 1874-1875.

Test equipment box recovered from the torpedo testing area in the East Passage; CD with drawing of Rembijas Pavilion at Ft. Getty and PowerPoint presentation Pavilion Landscape 2011-2012; Fort Getty Pavilion Landscape Studies Jamestown RI, July 25, 2013.

Rubbing of WPA plaque at East Ferry; rubbing of marker at Four Corners; Jamestown Inn t-shirt and matchbook cover.

Photos: Indians, Midgets, Orioles, and Wildcats of Jamestown Basketball League 1948-1949; Hunts Drugs and Evans Store, 1953; Nursing Home, Francis Diner and Bayview Hotel, 1954 or 55; Ferry Lanes before ’54 Hurricane; police car; Jamestown Drum and Bugle Corps, 1957; Parade.

Certificate Torpedo Station Newport, Rhode Island — This is to certify that William H. Olson … completed the established course, 1943; award, Wm. H. “Ollie” Olson U.S. Naval Ordnance Test Station China Lake, California 1948-1960.

T-shirt, Bio Blitz 2012 Rhode Island Natural History Survey.

Notebook with review comments for the town charter committee in 1984 and notes from later review committee revisions.

Photographs and information on Black Families in Jamestown. Virginia (Shatzer) Taylor: stock certificate for 200 shares of Jamestown and Newport Transfer Company; photos of Harry Emerson Shatzer Jr age 1 ½, Harry Emerson Sr. and Lula Virginia with Harry E. Shatzer Jr., Nov. 1919, Samuel George Newbauer, Harry Emerson Shatzer Jr., Alfred Rudolph Johnson, and Henry Francis Nabus.

Abstract of title of much of Beavertail done for Daniel S. Newhall, trustee in 1891; abstract of title of Fox Hill Farm; warranty deed Robert M. Clarke to Albert N. D’Amico and Elizabeth D’Amico with easement details, 1981; Island Reality brochure for sale of Fox Hill Farm, 2001.

Digital image of Fort Greble photo of soldiers including William Lee who died at Fort Greble and is buried at Town Cemetery at Four Corners.

2014 Carr/Clarke school reunion mug; Kay Worden Sculpture catalog and price list, undated; Sculpting a Niche in Jamestown, Narragansett Times, Sept. 10, 1981; Artist Allows Time to Stand Still, Newport Daily News, undated; photo of Jamestown Minstrel Show, 1948, St. Mark Church; stationery with Connie Armbrust design of house at 14 Fairview; Helen Tefft photo album (Jamestown photos to scan and return).

Two Clingstone articles.

Newspaper article, Kidnapped Teenagers Escape from Old Fort, Providence Journal, March 9, 1979; 11 photos of construction of Newport Pell Bridge; aerial photo of Narragansett Bay; Beaver Tail Golf Club. Audley Clarke, president, 1940.

Fall 2016

Poster for “What is the Future of Dutch Island,” August 3, 2016.

T-shirt Jamestown Rocket Hogs 2016.

Broom and dust pan for Museum

Two blueprints of Audley Clarke’s proposed development of Beaver Tail Golf Course; newspaper clippings and photographs; Memoirs of a Yacht Club by Marston W. Keeler; Yacht Club letter and memorandum, 1980; Conanicut Battery plat map; Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association time line; documents relating to proposed Zoning Ordinance amendment, 1982; Taxpayers Association letter, June 21, 1982.

Photographs of the 1928 Chrysler Estate Wagon owned by BE Hutchinson.

Photographs, correspondence, and score card from Beaver Tail Golf Club; photos Jamestown 1st grade class (ca. 1945), Navy Base Beavertail (1945), walking Jamestown/Verrazano Bridge (1992), Bay View Hotel (1944).

Article “Turret & All” by Jill Connors, Design New England, Sept/Oct. 2016.

Cup and saucer in the Unity pattern from Cottrell family set.

Deed, Ocean Highland Company to Elmyra D. Buttrick, April 10, 1925; article, “Masterwork: The historic shingle style house in Jamestown, Rhode Island,” Design New England, May/June 2016; two copies of Jamestown Bridge Commission Report, one with notes by Cary Magruder; photos of Bay View, Tefft Cottage; Conanicut Island Land Trust correspondence, 2008.

Aerial photos of Beavertail and Ft. Getty.

Program, Reading Across Rhode Island, 2016; history of the Junior Women’s Club of Jamestown; material from the William Sheehan family; 12 photos including Bay View condo construction; North Kingstown HS Commencement Exercise, 1972 and 1975; invitation to NKHS graduation, 1975; graduation program Jamestown School, 1975; John Eldred Chapter, Jamestown, RI Certificate of Merit…Marcy S. Sheehan, June 10, 1968; newspaper articles about Jamestown.

Photo of John Doty Sr. taken inside the Variety Store.

Family photographs to scan and return to donor.

Bay View Hotel stationery; book of 32 Trip Ferry Boat tickets; audited Financial Statements Jamestown Bridge Commission – July 2 to Oct. 27, 1969

Evan Fall Protection key chain; 2016 Jamestown FTM voter’s card and warrant; Jamestown Press magnet.

Military and personal papers and photos of Joseph Robert Frank. Guest Book registry from home of Harriet and Hiram Beers; Mrs. Hiram Beers’ business card; photo of Hiram Beers, Shirley Beers Whitehead, Ruth Beers Remick.

June Luedke Webb notecards with Jamestown scenes; computer mouse.

Painting by J. A. S. Monks.

Photographs of the PAC’s last day.

“A supplementary Essay on the Disestablishment of the Goat Island Torpedo Station,” by Varoujan Karentz, August 2016.

Bridge: Magazine of the Naval War College Foundation, Spring 2016 with photos of JHS visit to Naval War College Museum.

Four Save the Bay and one Rotary Bicycle Race medals.

Jamestown souvenir ash tray.

Genealogies of the Remington, Arnold, and Parker families

Book, If Jane should want to be sold: Stories of enslavement, indenture, and freedom in Little Compton, Rhode Island by Marjory Gomez O’Toole.

Bleecker family photo album, summer 1896 at Bleecker Box.

Decoupage decorative item with image of Bay View Hotel; article, “The Shift: Plats DuJour” by Jane Sigal, Wall Street Journal Magazine, August 13, 2016; article, “History Revisited,” Newport Life Magazine, Sept/Oct. 2016; magnets, Jamestown Seaside Car Cruise.

Book, Stones & bones of New England, 2004, by Lis Rogak.

Portrait by Jeanne Bunkley; American National Red Cross certificate to Julia A. Murphy, 1946.

Photo of Harold Richardson’s Garage at 31 Narragansett; photo of oil painting of Central Garage by June Webb.

Three programs of the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Kiddies’ Revue and Down Memory Lane, 1956, 1958, 1959.

Magnet, Jamestown Art Center.

10 audio discs U.S. Naval Torpedo Station Oral History.

Jamestown Police Department uniform patches.

Photos of Jamestown and of the Richardson and Caswell families.

Covenant of Faith, Respect and Mutual Concern, Agreed to by Three Jamestown Churches, 2016.

Article, “Rhode Islanders in the Army Camps,” Providence Journal, Dec. 21, 1941.

Blackthorn walking stick belonging to Richard Champlin; four pins, Jamestown Yacht Club 25th anniversary, Beavertail Light, Canonicut Yacht Club 1892, I Walked the Bridge Oct. 1992; Fool’s Rules 2016 t-shirt.

Details of Town Plats Nos 1, 8, & 10. Richard A. Hurley Realtor, March 27, 1947.

Painting of Hull Cove by R.R. Rhoad Jr.; “Ye Olde Map of Jamestown” hand colored by R.R. Rhoad Jr.; book, Rhoad and affiliated families by Robert R. Rhoad; book, Clarke genealogies; typescript, Arnold family 1550-1966; baptismal certificate of Elizabeth Clarke Rhoad; letter from Alice Clarke Rhoad with poem by Isaac Howard Clarke; certificate to Alice Clarke Rhoad for wartime efforts, 1918; certificate of election to Jamestown School Board, Isaac H. Clarke; letters to/from Isaac H. Clarke; Isaac H. Clarke business papers and four deeds for properties owned by him; military paper relating to R.R. Rhoad; military caps of R.R. Rhoad; photo album of Rhoad family and associates to scan.

Thesis, Preserving Jamestown Rhode Island by William R. Ross.

The Jonnycake Cookbook, published by the Society for the Propagation of the Jonnycake Tradition in Rhode Island, July 1993.

Jamestown air raid warden cards; eight cancellation postcards with drawing of the windmill; blueprint for the refloating of the Governor Carr with signature of John Smith; Ye Olde Map of James Towne or Quononoqutt Island, with ribbon and signatures of Jamestown Town Council in celebration of the Tercentenary; Postcards of Jamestown.

History of Jamestown Rhode Island by W.L. Watson; article series, “A History of the Town of Jamestown: Early days around Narragansett Bay” by Mrs. Helmick.

Key chains from Island Realty, Consistent Care, Jamestown Realty.

Grammar school graduation picture of Mary Vieira Ragland; photos from the 1940s and 1950s to scan and return; article, “Beavertail Light,” Providence Journal, Oct. 23, 1949; statement, advertisement, and window sign from E.R. Vieira Co.; program Jamestown Junior High Graduation Exercises, 1963.

Photo of Mary Miner.

Plans for construction of stile at windmill; three pamphlets prepared by the Arnold-Zweir Post 22 of the American Legion.

Letter about the Arnold Cemetery; “Arnold Memorial: William Arnold of Providence and Pawtuxet 1587-1675” compiled by Elisha Stephen Arnold, 1935; “Lost Course of Narragansett Bay” by Rich Skyzinski, Golf Journal, Jan/Feb 1995; Lighthouses of New England by Malcolm F. Willoughby; material concerning donation of development rights of Jamestown tract to Nature Conservancy, 1987-1988; Jamestown newspaper articles from the 1970s; “Quononoquott Club” by Sue Maden.

Altamira pocket knife.

Spring 2016
Flyer for book, Historic Tales of Jamestown by Rosemary Enright and Sue Maden.

Poster and sweatshirt, Jamestown 1st Day Plunge 2016.

Beavertail Lighthouse ornament; mug for America’s Cup Challenge 1987.

Photograph of the Maxfield farmhouse.

Article, Up Close and Personal. Historic Jamestown, Rhode Island. Pirates Redcoats and Quakers. Oh my! By Mark Sullivan, Antique Homes, vol. XXII, Issue 5, 2016.

12 photos of the construction of the Veteran’s Memorial at East Ferry, 1997.

Christmas card with drawing by Evelyn Rhodes.

Charm given by Governor John Chaffee on last ferryboat run, 1969; newspaper article, Kit Wright, lovely lady for all seasons, July 2, 1978; bowling yearbook, Reign Dears League 1959-1960; photo of Marion Sheehan bowling; two bowling league awards won by Marion Sheehan; newspaper clippings about bowling league.

Collection of early photographs of Jamestown; aerial photograph of the two ferryboats on day of last ferry run.

Photographs and artifacts from the Wetherill-Stout-Slattery family; invitation to 50th wedding anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. Webster King Wetherill, 1954.

Five books designed by Wendy Andrews-Bolster, Puffin Enterprises; nine photographs of ferryboats.

Water bill, Jamestown Water Company, June 1, 1952.

Painting of windmill, no. 5 July 10, 1950.

T-shirt, 39th Annual Jamestown Classic; pennant, Rotary Club Jamestown; membership kit and pin.

Jamestown and Its Historical Society, presentation given to the RI Genealogical Society, March 19, 2016 at the Jamestown Philomenian Library.

Material on Dutch windmills.

Photographs of the pictures painted on the walls of the PAC.

Photograph of bowling league, 1956-57 season.

Article, Old Friends’ Burial Ground: final resting place of Captain “One Gun” Eldred.

Book, The Building Boom in Jamestown, Rhode Island, 1926-1931; program, Christmas Tour of Houses Quononoquott Garden Club Dec. 13, 2015; 5 DVDs of Jamestown Sewer Study Advisory Committee; material on Naval Torpedo Station, Newport; Island Realty, Murphy’s Law, and Providence Coke souvenirs; letter from S. Morton Vose II (Jan. 29, 1990) with photocopy of Cajacet postcard; photo, opening of bridge exhibit, 2007; article Rhode Island Monthly, March 2016, p. 51 Jamestown.

Cumberland Farms and Chopmist Charlie matchbooks.

Newport Historical Society; two copies of The Portuguese of Conanicut Island.

Program and medallion, Good Friday Ecumenical Service March 25, 2016.

Etching, Ruins of the Old Fort, Conanicutt, Rhode Island.

Saint Matthews’ Thrift Shop: office chair.

Article, “Recipes from Paris: Best new bistros” by Jane Sigal, Food and Wine, Oct. 2015.

Telephone number holder.

Francis West art work.

Copy of History of Jamestown and early days around Narragansett Bay by Mrs. Elizabeth A. Helmick Newport Daily News, 1931 reprint.

Varnum News, December 2015 with article, Jamestown’s Conanicut Battery: A Revolution Restoration.

Photograph of ETC Club members; map of Jamestown, 2000; Jamestown Chamber of Commerce brochure; Beavertail brochure; Poems by Winthrop Wilson, 1979.

Annual report of the adjutant general of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations for the year 1865, published: 1893 and 1895.

Photographs of Braecluegh and Greycliff; obituary of J.S.Lovering Wharton.

Two posters, Jamestown Community Theatre’s 25th Anniversary Encore, 2015.

May 2015 - Nov 2015

Collected by staff: Newport Life Magazine, May/June 2015, p. 15, “Before the Bridge;” Barns and Pounds of Rhode Island: a vanishing landscape by Anne D. Holst. With photograph of Jamestown Pound on p. 30.

Joy Ahrens: scanned postcard of Mist; Copy of Military order of the Loyal Legion of the United States … in memoriam Edward Yorke McCawley Rear-Admiral U.S. Navy died at Jamestown R.I. September 14, 1894.

Dick Allphin: 8 photographs of Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge groundbreaking.

Carol Anderson and Deborah Swistak: Maxwell Mays print (9 of 1200) of Jamestown waterfront about 1900; glass display case used in Jamestown Designs and before that in Lang’s; letter from Mary Smith Carr giving history of Smith family’s use of location of Jamestown Designs (1993-2015); street sign for Jamestown Designs by Mattson of North Kingstown; photographs from family album.

Anonymous: letter signed by members of the Conanicut Yacht Club requesting board not make changes to the club.

Joe Bains: 52 Jamestown postcards.

Mrs. Nicholas Biddle Jr.: ferry boat tickets, 1937.

Kathy Brownell: photographs of construction of Bay View condos and Town Hall move.

Emmeline Cabral: scanned photographs of the Martin/Cabral/Souza family and Red Wing Hill Farm.

Charlotte Chase: documents of Loyal Franklin Willis: birth certificate, Continuous Discharge Book, Seaman Protection certificate, 2 Certificate of Service to Able Seaman.

Anna Templeton-Cotill: Newport Social Index, 1908.

Dave Dewhurst: scanned Fort Greble postcards with photographs by Wm. T. Dowd.

Beth Di Censo: rug for the Museum; commodore’s flag and vice commodore’s flag from the Conanicut Yacht Club; J.H. Breakell & Co. ferryboat pin.

John Doty: photograph, 1955-1960, of Nancy Doty Frade at Mackerel Cove Beach in front of concession stand that was formerly Weicker Garage on Green Lane; newspaper article, “Rhode Island Buys 2 Ferries for Jamestown,” Dec. 26, 1957.

Carol Edwards: Fowler’s Rocks’ photograph album from the early part of the 20th century that contains both interior and exterior identified photographs; sketch book containing photographs of New England harbors, including Jamestown

Rosemary Enright: laptop computer; plans, Town of Jamestown Proposed Building Addition Plan for Jamestown Fire Department, 8 sheets.

Richard H. Hutchinson: Jamestown rug hooked and designed by Ann Hackett Hutchinson June 1996.

Elizabeth Greig Hyman: photographs of Bicentennial 1976, Town Tricentennial 1978, and additional miscellaneous photographs.

Island Rubbish Co.: Island Rubbish T-shirt.

Jamestown Community Band: pencil.

Varoujan Karentz: 2 sets of plans to save Beavertail Lighthouse tower; Battery Banquet Blast Banquet poster; Poster, Beavertail 1942-1974; aerial photographs of 4 ships that ran aground in the Bay; report on Severn, Gulfoil and S.E. Graham; DVD, A Rhode Island True Treasure: Beavertail Lighthouse and Museum, a special presentation of GoodNEWS RI PEG-TV.

Roger King: 2 copies of catalog of Edward M. Bannister 1828-1901 A Centennial Retrospective.

Sue Maden: 5 photographs of the dedication of the new Jamestown Bridge; 3 books, An Interpretive Atlas of Narragansett Bay by Stephen Olsen, Donald D. Robadue, Jr., and Virginia Lee, 1972; Trees of Newport on the Estates of the Preservation Society of Newport County by Richard L. Champlin, 1976; Narragansett Bay: A Friend’s Perspective by Stuart O. Hale; copy of poster, Mine Explosion with Ft. Greble in background from photograph of Wm. T. Dowd; photographs; postcard announcing monthly meeting of the Jamestown Historical Society at Dr. Bates’ April 18, 1914; magnet, Jamestown Seaside Family Cruise; J.H. Breakell Co. sheep pin; key chain with photo of Newport Bridge; matchbook Fort Wetherill.

Barbara Magruder: books, photographs, letters, documents, and miscellaneous items associated with Dr. William Lincoln Bates

Henry and Janet Martin: 4 posters, The Jamestown Ferry Boats 1873-1969.

Mim Munro: Russian stack dolls given to Jim Munro by crew of Russian fishing boat.

John Murphy: signboard from the ferryboat Beavertail; sets of plans by Tom Todd for the Community Center 2001 and by Andrew Yates for Fort Getty pavilion and landscaping 2011; papers from service as trustee of Jamestown Philomenian Library; Rhode Island History journals; newspaper clippings, 1990-1992.

Donna Richardson Peckham: Meredith and Clarke Christmas card with photograph of Beavertail Lighthouse; postcard of ferry boat at East Ferry. Duncan Pendlebury: copies of plat maps and plans: Narragansett Park, May 11, 1908; William E.L. Tuck land, Nov. 18, 1920; 3 maps of Maple Grove, 1912-1913; Shoreby Hill 2nd subdivision Jamestown Land Company, 1911; 2 maps of Geo. W. Carr Estate, 1889; Conanicut Park, 1994; Ocean Highland, July 12, 1919; Potters Point, April 1900; Ferry Meadow; 2 plans of proposed Jamestown Recreation Center on Watson, April 18, 1939; 2 maps of Beavertail Park, 1921; 2 maps of Narragansett Shores, May 1930; Shoreby Hill 1st subdivision Jamestown Land Company, Sept. 15, 1898; Hull Cove Farm, 1903; Dumplings, 1874; Ocean View, 1887; Bryer Farm, 1913; Aerial map of Gould Island, 2011; Aerial map of Dutch Island, 1939; Aerial map of Dutch Island 2011; plans for unidentified proposed building on Eldred Avenue; 3 unidentified maps; house plans of Wharton house that was never built.

Lauren Biddle Plummer: Christmas card from Syd and Kit Wright with photo of the dog, Archie, Fox Hill, 1962.

Chris Powell: Fools Rule 2015 T-shirt, art work by Amelia Wilson; stationery of Abbott Chandler Boats Built and Repaired, Jamestown; June Webb drawing of Narragansett Avenue.

Dianne Rugh: movie poster, Irrational Man with photograph of Joaquin Phoenix at Beavertail; book, Edward Mitchell Bannister 1828-1901, Kenkeleba House, New York, 1992.

Jim Rugh: poster, The Jamestown Farmers Market at the Famous Fort Getty Pavilion starting June 29, 2015; drawing by Will Henry; films of German Prisoners of War School, Fort Getty and Fort Wetherill (Dec. 14, 1945) downloaded from YouTube; flier, Jamestown Farmer’s Market. Fort Getty, 2014; poster, “Jamestown & Newport Ferry Service: 1675-1969.”

Julia Sanford: stationery for the Chapel, 11 Harbor Street Jamestown Rhode Island 02835.

Walter Schroder: packets of photographs labeled: Battery/Prospect Hill; Conanicut Battery Dedication, June 29, 2002; Russian Fish Factory Ship in West Passage; Ship around Ft. Wetherill; Construction of new Jamestown Bridge; Ft. Wetherill WWII (John Rembijas); Jamestown USO Day, 1992; Ft. Getty, Spring 2004; Conanicut Battery and Beavertail Battery, Spring 2004; Walk on new Jamestown Bridge; Early Bridge Construction; Loading Room Taken Down Ft. Wetherill; Ft. Wetherill, Nov. 8, 2001; Ft. Wetherill, July 2001; Construction of Jamestown Playground, June 20, 1990; Ft. Wetherill.

Dick Smith: ferry tickets; newspaper photograph of dedication of Monument to Veterans of all Wars and Past Cmdr. John L. Smith, American Legion Post 22; photographs: John L. Smith at Monument to Veterans of all Wars; Governor Carr ferryboat; Pins: American Legion 12th Convention Jamestown RI, 1930; American Legion National Convention Boston, 1930; American Legion Past Commander; Ribbon, Guest Jamestown Bridge Dedication, August 3, 1940; speech delivered by John L. Smith at the dedication of Veterans Tablet Monument Memorial, East Ferry, Jamestown RI, August11, 1985 (handwritten and typed copies); speech delivered by John L. Smith in honor of the Bicentennial Birthday of the United States of America, August 7, 1976; stationery and envelope for the Jamestown Tercentenary Inc., 1957.

Pat Venable: Beavertail Colonial Lighthouse wooden series; 8 books: Defenses of Narragansett Bay in World War II by Walter Schroeder; Images of America, Jamestown by James C. Buttrick (signed by author); Jamestown Bridge 1940-1990 by Sue Maden; Jamestown Ferryboats 1873-1969 by Wilfred Warren, 1976; Jamestown Sampler by Bertram Lippincott (signed by author); Jamestown, Rhode Island During World War II 1941-1945, 3 volumes, by Sue Maden; Portuguese of Conanicut Island; Sudden Sea by R. A. Scott (signed by author); invitation, Save the Bay, 1990, with drawing by Evelyn Rhodes; pamphlet, “Rhode Island the Last Billion Years” by Daniel P. Murray, 1989; 4 photographs: Jamestown Bridge 1940-1990; 3 of West Ferry; 4 postcards: Ice at West Ferry Feb. 1934; Last Rivet in Jamestown Bridge 1940; Sunset at West Ferry; Jamestown Bridge 1940-2006; 4 posters: Jamestown Rhode Island on Conanicut Island in Narragansett Bay (framed); Jamestown Ferryboats 1873-1969 (framed); Native Plants of Jamestown (issued by Conanicut Island Land Trust); Jamestown Bridge, 1940-1992; Jamestown Bridge Souvenir Program; various newspaper clippings.

Deborah and Walter Wadsworth: vergeboard and bracket from 17 Conanicus Ave. used in the 2013 and 2014 summer exhibits. Linda Warner: pamphlet, “Welcome to Jamestown in Narragansett Bay,” Jamestown Harbor Management, 1992; wedding photograph of Ferdinand and Anna Johnson Armbrust.

Isabelle R. Wellwood: envelope for National Air Week May 15-21, 1937 Jamestown RI; 3 World War I postcards addressed to Mary Magill, Box 213, Jamestown.

Pam Wood: notebook, newspaper clippings, and genealogical information on the family of Captain Edward Barry.

Harry Wright: early JHS stationery; copy of magazine article, “Ghosts of Light and Sound” by Joanna R. Nicholls Kyle in Goodey’s Magazine June 1898.

November 2014 - April 2015

Judy Bell: article, “Best Towns,” Rhode Island Monthly, March 2015, p. 47.

Serena Beretta: 5 photographs of last ferryboat being towed out to sea.

Bill Burgin: 2 window sashes from the Jamestown Water Company building on Southwest Avenue.

Jim Buttrick: 13-page monograph about the history of Capt. Thomas Paine House, Cajacet;   Copy of c-size architectural drawing of frame components no longer visible in the Paine House, by A.W. Baker, 1980, updated 2005; State of Rhode Island Highway Map, June 1928, showing only two improved roads in Jamestown, both state roads.

Jane Carey: scan of photograph of her grandfather taken 1906 in Carr’s Grove.

Jane CarrollRhode Island Almanac, 1812.

Conanicut Island Art Association: exhibit flier “What Would Picasso Say.”

Conanicut Marine Services: Christmas card with design by Evelyn Thistle Rhodes.

John Doty: newspaper article, “Rhode Island Buys 2 Ferries for Jamestown,” Dec. 26, 1957.

Michael Dupre: Bay View Hotel Register, 1911-1916; Newport District Telephone Directory, Oct. 1953; article, “Meet Mister Jamestown, Don Dupre;” four photographs.

John Godena: pamphlet, “What Ship is That? A numerical guide to the U.S. Navy;” seven photographs
Mike Gray: article “Picturesque Island of Jamestown and Oldest Transportation Route in America” from Book of Rhode Island.

Brookie Harding: Windmill material.

Jay and Nancy Hartshorn: copies of 5 photographs.

Lorraine (Hull) O’Connors: printing press that her father, Leon Hull, used to print two early Jamestown periodicals, the Gazette and the Islander, during the late 1930s.

Jamestown Planning Department: Jamestown Street Index, June 2013.

Jamestown Tree Preservation and Protection Committee: Certificate of Recognition, 2014;  Arbor Day Proclamation, 2011.

Bill Knapp: first edition of the Jamestown Press, April 21, 1989; coffee mug, Dan Capuano State Representative Jamestown & Middletown 74th District, Nov. 2, 2010.

Bill Leonard: 4 computer mice.

Fran Lopes: Copy of Articles of Association for The Holy Ghost Society of Jamestown, Feb. 21, 1927.

Sue Maden: photographs of the dedication of the new Jamestown Bridge; three books.

Jim Pemantel: Newport District Telephone Directory, Oct. 1952; photographs of barracks and hotel at Ft Greble, Saunders ferry in Ft Greble slip, ferryboat Jamestown, oil rig, Rec Center

Duncan Pendlebury: copies of plat maps and plans.

Candy and Chris Powell: 10 postcards.

Jim Rugh: flier, Jamestown Farmer’s Market, 2014; poster, “Jamestown & Newport Ferry Service: 1675-1969.”

St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop: paper punch.

Walter Schroder: Packets of photographs of Jamestown in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Sheehan Family: school photographs and diploma.

Kerry Sheehan: 4 T-shirts of local events.

Dick Smith: Materail relating to his father John L. Smith.
Christine D. Stoddard: papers of John C. Dalglish, Jamestown Police Chief in 1913.

Tillinghast Association: book, Gleanings from the Wayside by A.W. Tillinghast who designed the Beavertail Golf and Country Club golf course.

Town of Jamestown: DVD of Ft. Getty presentation to the Town Council, 2013.

Pat Venable: books, posters, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings collected over 50 years of island living.

Dennis Webster: letter about mass to mark 2014 anniversary of the death of Private Francis X. Zweir.

Isabelle R. Wellwood: sticker for National Air Week May 15-21, 1937 Jamestown RI.;   Three World War I postcards addressed to Mary Magill, Box 213, Jamestown.