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National Register of Historical Places in Jamestown

The National Register, authorized by the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966, is the official list of the Nation’s historical places worthy of preservation. To qualify for this register, a property must convey an accurate and authentic sense of its past and must be significant in the history of the nation, the state, or the local community by meeting at least one of four criteria:

  1. Association with historically important events or activities,
  2. Close association with a significant person,
  3. Distinct design characteristics, or
  4. Potential to provide new information about our past.

Fifteen sites in Jamestown are listed on the National Register. Eleven of these sites are can be found in our Online Collection and are described below. The remaining four are archaeological sites.

  • Fort Dumpling site. Oval stone Marcello tower constructed in 1779 near the site of a Revolutionary War battery. Demolished in 1899 to make way for Fort Wetherill. Added 3/16/1972.
  • Artillery Park. A plot of land set aside in 1636 as a military practice park and cemetery. Added 3/7/1973.
  • Friends Meetinghouse. Built in 1789 to replace an earlier meeting house destroyed by the British in 1776. Owned and maintained by the Jamestown Historical Society. Added 3/7/1973.
  • Conanicut Battery. Colonials built earthen battery in 1776. Earthworks occupied and updated by the British. Observation posts built in 20th century. Now Town of Jamestown Park. Added 7/2/1973.
  • Beavertail Light. Earlier light built in 1749 destroyed by fire. Replaced by stone tower in 1753. Current light built in 1856., Added 12/12/1977.
  • Windmill Historic District. Approximately 772 acres bounded by Eldred Avenue on the north, East Shore Road on the east. Great Creek on the south and Narragansett Bay on the west. Added 10/2/1978.
  • Jamestown Windmill. Built in 1787. In operation until 1896. Owned and maintained by the Jamestown Historical Society. Added 3/14/73.
  • Conanicut Island Lighthouse (North Light). Began service in 1886. Automated in 1933. Discontinued in 1983. Added 2/25/1988.
  • Dutch island Light. Completed in 1857. Deactivated in 1979. Renovated and relit in 2007. Added 2/25/1988.
  • Horsehead/Marbella. Completed in 1884. Added 6/16/1999.
  • Shoreby Hill. A 58-acre district designed by Ernest W. Bowditch in 1898 as an exclusive, fashionable summer resort. Added 9/15/2011.

To see more images of these 15 National Register of Historical Places, click on National Register.


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