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Library Exhibit, December 2020 World War II: The Home Front

The new exhibit in the JHS display case in the Jamestown Philomenian Library celebrates the different ways the people in Jamestown supported its military forces fighting in Europe and the Far East from 1941 to 1945.
Ambulance volunteers, c
Ambulance volunteers, c.1945
Those unable to serve because of age, gender, or health did not sit idle during the war.  Air Raid Wardens ensured that in case of attack civilians were ready.  Aircraft observers for the Army Air Force Aircraft Warning Service (AWS) kept watch for incoming aircraft before the deployment of radar.  Service personnel stationed at the island’s four forts found warmth and welcome at the USO in the building that is now the Recreation Center.
Jamestown Role of Honor
Jamestown Role of Honor – 422 Jamestowners served in the military in World War II. The name of every Jamestown man or woman in the military was listed on a large display board in front of the fire station.

Visit the Town Hall to see the entire exhibit and please consider donating your Jamestown memorabilia to Jamestown Historical Society, contact info@jamestownhistoricalsociety.org.

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