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Library Exhibit, Aug 2021 From the JHS Collection 1912-1925

The August exhibit in the JHS library display case features early gifts to the Jamestown Historical Society’s collection and the people who gave them. 

The first object donated to the collection was presented at the second meeting of the society on August 26, 1912, by William Lincoln Bates, owner and director of Dr. Bates’ Sanitarium and an organizing member of the JHS.  The paper currency issued by the United States Postal was worth 50 cents. 

Other paper currency came in from other early members.  Scrip issued in 1776 by the Massachusetts Bay colony for 4 pence was donated Isabella Weeden Hull, who lived on a farm on North Main Road near what is now Jamestown Shores.  A 30-shilling note issued by the colony of New Hampshire in 1775, along with the campaign ribbon and button from William Henry Harrison’s 1840 presidential campaign, were donated by Louise Atkinson, who lived at the corner of Greene Lane and Friendship Street. 

Newspapers, a children’s book, and the incorporation papers for the society are also on display.

Visit the library to see the entire exhibit and please consider donating your Jamestown memorabilia to Jamestown Historical Society, contact info@jamestownhistoricalsociety.org.

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