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Jamestown RI 02835

Jamestown Windmill

Conanicut Battery

Jamestown Library

Jamestown Museum


Town Hall


North Road near Weeden Lane

Conanicut Battery

Battery Lane

Jamestown Museum

92 Narragansett Avenue


Weeden Lane at North Road

Philomenian Library

26 North Road

Town Hall

93 Narragansett Avenue

JHS Vault

Lower Level | 93 Narragansett Avenue

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Prepurchase Agreement Signed
106 men – most of them freemen of Newport – prepare a prepurchase agreement that directs seven members of the group to negotiate with the Narragansett for the purchase of Conanicut and Dutch islands. The document is now on display in the Jamestown Town Hall.


Conanicut Battery Built
The Conanicut Battery is built on Beavertail by order of the Rhode Island General Assembly.


Windmill and Meetinghouse Built
The American Revolution is over. The windmill and the Conanicut Friends Meetinghouse are built on Windmill Hill.


Jamestown’s First Town Hall Built
A Town Hall is built on Narragansett Avenue. The original building is completely renovated to become the Council Chambers and an adjacent Town Hall is built in 2007.


Jamestown Museum Established
The Jamestown Historical Society opens a museum devoted to island history in the former library across from the Town Hall.


JHS Vault Opens
The JHS opens a climate-controlled vault on the lower level of the new Town Hall. Archival material, textiles, photographs, and fragile objects are moved to the new location.