Get Involved

Join JHS and help preserve & share the history of Jamestown, Rhode Island

Why join JHS?

All membership monies go to supporting our collections, our properties, and the material cost of our programs. All staff are volunteers. Help us -

  • Preserve the heritage of Jamestown and Conanicut, Dutch, and Gould islands
  • Maintain our museum, the Jamestown windmill, the Conanicut Friends Meetinghouse, and the Conanicut Battery
  • Preserve the JHS collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents

Member Gifts & Benefits

All members receive the JHS biannual newsletter and an invitation to the annual members-only House Tour Preview Party.  Membership discounts are available on merchandise purchased at the museum.

Patrons receive a copy of the DVD History of Narragansett Avenue by Nick Schaus and Barry Cook.  New 1657 Society members receive the DVD plus a JHS outdoor house plaque.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer to greet visitors at the museum.

Volunteer to show visitors through the windmill.

Join a committee -

  • Programs  - plan activities
  • Collections - care for objects, create exhibits, enter data in the database
  • Battery - clear the earthworks and paths, help with Battery Day
  • Windmill - conduct tours, take care of the building, help with Windmill Day
  • Meetinghouse - conduct tours, care for the building
  • Communications - write articles, maintain the website and Facebook

What happens in the Vault?

Storage for Artifacts

When the Town of Jamestown built the new Town Hall in 2006-2007, the Jamestown Historical Society contributed $50,000 to the building fund to purchase a 99-year lease on a vault in the basement of the new building.  Papers, photographs, textiles, and other fragile objects are stored in this environmentally controlled room.

Temperature and humidity in the vault are controlled to ensure that material given to the Society is protected from deterioration. Access to the vault is controlled to prevent accidental or malicious damage.


Volunteers work in the vault Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  They enter data into the Collections database, which is available online, and care for the donated objects. We also research reference questions about the collection. 

Visitors and Researchers

Visitors and researchers are welcome between 9am and noon on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Also, by appointment during Town Hall office business hours.