Postcard Project: Quarantine Quandary

Dear Anyone reading this in the far or near future

Right now life is not easy! Everyone’s in quarantine stuck in there homes, only the business dubed essential are still working. I’m 9yrs so right now is even harder. Now instead of attending school I’m sitting in front of computer doing math programs! And every time I turn on the TV to watch some anime on netflix I hear news about someone dying from covid 19. It’s a hard life now….

Chris age 9  – April 19, 2020

The Quandary: What have you done to stay safe and have fun at home?

In order to have some sort of historical record of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on Jamestown, we sent out a request.  Make a postcard out of anything on hand, don’t go buy anything. On one side, record a short note about what you are doing while staying at home. On the other side, the important one, create a visual rendering of what you are doing or feeling during this unprecedented time If you want to join JHS and help us record our history click here for the postcard.

We will enter and catalog them into our database as a permanent record of Jamestown History. After they are cataloged they will all be on view in our online collection.


Postcards – A Selection

March 2020

Governor Raimondo closes schools and mandates long distance learning.  R.I. Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green said, “Rhode Island is a model for the nation” in distance learning, setting an example for other states to follow.

We wait for something.  Not sure what. We stay up late to wake early to educate ourselves on the crisis we are amid. We are Cautious, Patient as we wait lined up outside of stores.  Hopeful….We are stuck fighting against something we know nothing about. People out there, loved ones fighting for their lives. Still we Rise. Maybe not against this virus, but something greater we find at the end of it all. That is what we wait for…..

Lila – 6-1 Lawn School

May 2020

A great thank you to Charlene Tuttle and her colleagues at Jamestown Schools for their input in getting this project out. And thank you to all the students that participated!

Lawn Avenue School Art Assignment

Lawn Avenue School Art teacher Stephanie Pamula’s class takes on the project of creating a postcard that details their lives at home since the COVID-19 outbreak.

 Summer and Fall 2020

Entering phase 3 of re-opening RI. Postcards still coming in from Jamestown residents telling us what they are doing while wearing masks and social distancing during the
COVID-19 epidemic.