Jamestown Historical Society

Town Hall: License Exhibit

Stickers and decals have long been used to convey messages or support for ideas or organizations. During this upcoming presidential election year you may see a variety of stickers around Jamestown.

Local stickers and decals from our past, chosen from our collection, can be viewed in our newest JHS exhibit in the Jamestown Library.

The stickers on display

– remind us of our area’s participation in the America’s Cup in 1977;

– request us to “Join the Light Brigade” to help renovate the Beavertail Lighthouse in the 1980’s; and

– celebrate the opening of the Jamestown-Verranzzano Bridge in 1992.

Stop by the library and enjoy this interesting display. This display was designed and installed by Sue Maden, Rosemary Enright, Suzi Andrews, and Carol Lake.

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