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Hanging on a side wall of the JHS Vault is a collection of Jamestown signs from island merchants that have closed in years past.

The Lyons Market was a grocery store located first at 17 Narragansett Avenue and then at 23 Narragansett. According to its advertising, it sold “MEATS-GROCERIES-FRUITS-VEGETABLES-WINES-LIQUORS“. The home decorating store TWC Home is now at the first location. Angels Kitchen and Milo’s Nails & Spa are located in 23 Narragansett.

Godena’s Garage was located in 1952, at what was at that time, 27 North Road. It was operated by John Godena until 1972. In the mid-1980s, the number was changed to 41 North Road and it is now the location of Cumberland Farms.

Baker’s Pharmacy served Jamestown residents from 1977 to 2019. It was first located at 19 Narragansett Avenue and then at 53 Narragansett. Timothy Baker, the owner and pharmacist, built a larger store at 53 Narragansett in 1988. Baker’s Pharmacy closed its doors May 27 after 42 years and 98 days as Jamestown’s pharmacy. For the first time since 1935, when Thomas Hunt opened his drug store year-round, the island was without a pharmacy of its own. The Lila Delman Real Estate office is now located at 19 Narragansett. The final location of Baker’s now houses the restaurant, Our Table.

The Islander Restaurant was located at 40 Narragansett Avenue. Leopold Allaire and his wife, Mona, bought the building at 40 Narragansett and established The Islander Restaurant in 1947. A description of the building can be found in an article in the Jamestown Press. In 1996, the restaurant was rebuilt by Chuck and Tricia Masso and Chopmist Charlie’s was opened. The Massos turned over the carved, gold-leaf sign and painted “Chopmist Charlie’s” in bright red on the other side. Chopmist Charlie’s was closed during the Covid pandemic and is now for sale.