Clara was the daughter of Clara Silvia Furtado and Manual Dutra Lewis who immigrated from Fayal Island Azores and were married January 14, 1906 in the Parish of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle in Newport. Manual and Clara had two daughters, Mary Lewis, who married George A. Cadorette, and Clara Lewis.

Clara was born July 17, 1908, attended school in Jamestown and graduated from Rogers High School.

Photo of Clara in Miss Peckham’s class at Carr School

After graduating from Rhode Island College of Education, now Rhode Island College, Clara became a Clarke School teacher.

June 1944 photo of Clarke School teachers: Clara Lewis (7th & 8th), Betty Murray (2nd & principal), Florence Andrade (1st), Margarite Murphy (7th & 8th), Back row: Alice Gladding (Home Economics), Elizabeth Campbell (3rd), Isabel Zweir (4th), Violet Drury (Kindergarten), Hannah Caswell (5th), Madeline Drury (?), Louise Von Schade (6th)

Clara retired from Clarke School in the 1970’s and died June 8, 1997

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