Ribbons are used for many purposes. They are awarded to the winner of a contest. A ribbon may be worn to show support for a cause or to celebrate an event or to identify the wearer. Ribbons are cut in celebration. The JHS has ribbons of many kinds. The October exhibit in the library shows a few of them. (Note: The exhibit is currently being moved to a new location during library renovations.)

From left to right:

  • Ribbon identifying the wearer as a member of the New York State delegation to the Democratic Whig National Convention, May 4, 1840. The ribbon also indicates support for William Henry Harrison, who was nominated at the convention and ultimately elected President of the United States. (JHS 1913.003.005)
  • Ribbon awarded to Lee Bowen in 1948 for sewing skill by the Eastern Rhode Island Farm Bureau 4-H Clubs. (JHS 2011.022.001)
  • Four ribbons identifying the wearers as participants in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Jamestown Bridge on August 3, 1940, and their function on the occasion.  Functions range from Executive Committee to Guest. (JHS 2013.115.002. JHS 2013.115.003, JHS 2006.047.001-4.)
  • Blue ribbon awarded to Mrs. Harrison Morris for her dahlias at the Jamestown Flower Show, July 27, 1933. (JHS A2014.141.007)


From left to right:

  • Blue ribbon awarded to the best in class at the 25th annual Jamestown Yacht Club Fools’ Rules Regatta in 1992. (JHS 2017.1120.006a)
  • Ribbon from the new member’s “Welcome to the Rotary” packet identifying the wearer as a new member of Rotary International. (JHS 2016.104.003)
  • Ribbon celebrating the Feast of the Holy Ghost. This ribbon commemorates the feast on Saturday, August 7, 1999, sponsored by Jamestown’s Holy Ghost Society. (JHS A2018.1021.003)
  • Third place ribbon awarded by the Conanicut Island Land Trust in the “Conanicut Island Naturally” photo contest at Hey Day 2006. (JHS 2022.101.001)


Ribbon and medal from the September 19, 2020, Jamestown Rhode Race. It awarded the ribbon to all participants in 13.1-mile half-marathon.  Due to the COVID pandemic, the runners ran individually and clocked their own times that year. (JHS 2020.1003.001)


Visit the library to see the entire exhibit and please consider donating your Jamestown memorabilia to Jamestown Historical Society, contact Sue Maden at suedmaden@gmail.com.