The Jamestown Historical Society has a remarkable collection of signs that served wildly different purposes

jamestown design

Modern businesses – from the hotels of Jamestown’s resort era to the stores and restaurants on Narragansett Avenue today – announced their existence with streetside signs, such as this one from Island Designs.

When the old post office was taken down in 1960, some of the brass labels designating the different windows and slots were salvaged.

william severance

William Severance, an early 20th century realtor and town clerk, was also a farmer who advertised his products with this roadside sign.

Each of the gun emplacements at the forts in Jamestown were identified with signs. Four of them, including this one from Battery Mitchell at Fort Greble on Dutch Island, have found their way into the JHS collection.

Two groups of JHS signs are on permanent display in Town buildings. Many of the signs from the ferryboats that brought people back and forth to Jamestown before the bridges were built, are on display in the Recreation Center across from the old ferry wharf.

Signs from Jamestown’s early 20th century summer hotels decorate the back stairwell of Town Hall