The July exhibit in the JHS library display case features commemorative plates from the society’s collection. 

Two quite different plates designed for the 300th anniversary of the purchase of Conanicut Island in 1657 are displayed.  The plate by Catharine Morris Wright depicts the actual signing of the transfer.  The text on the reverse explains that the “Deed of Sale was signed on April 17, 1657, by the Sachems Quononoquott and Matackes, and ratified by an exchange of turf and twig from them to Francis Brinley, Hugh Bewit and Caleb Carr.”

police department

Above: Catharine Morris Wright plates, front and back

fire department

Above: Constance Warren Armbrust’s plate, front and back

Constance Warren Armbrust’s plate for the same occasion has a map of Jamestown, the Jamestown seal and pictures of the Beavertail lighthouse, the windmill, and the Governor Carr ferryboat.  The reverse lists important dates and events in the town’s history.

The other plates on display (see below) celebrate Jamestown places and events from Fort Dumpling, which was razed in 1898, to the 110th anniversary of the 1899 sailing of the Bay Voyage Hotel across the bay from Middletown.

Ft Dumpling plate
Bay voyage plate

Visit the library to see the entire exhibit and please consider donating your Jamestown memorabilia to Jamestown Historical Society, contact Sue Maden at