April is the month when, under Rhode Island state law, all dogs over three months of age must be registered.  This April the JHS mounted two exhibits about Jamestown dogs and their registration.

2006 dogtag
dogtag 2012
dogtag 2008

Various Jamestown Dog Tags

dog parade

Christmas Dog Parade.  Lew Kitts and Ken Caswell dressed as Dalmatians to drive the antique 1925 fire engine in the 2005 Paws & Claws Dog Parade.  Courtesy of The Jamestown Press

The exhibit in the JHS library display case celebrates some of the town’s dogs and those who watch out for them.  Meet Lord Dempsey and Gibson, the bassets who traveled the Newport ferry to visit and cavort, and Abbie, the K-9 hero who saved people and pets.  

The dog tags issued by the Town of Jamestown differ from year to year in color and design.  They serve as a colorful border for the display panels in the Town Clerk’s office reminding us that this April – like every April for the past 150 years – it is time to get a new one.