Perusing archival material in the JHS collection, we came upon a reminiscence titled “Noel” that was written by W. L. Watson, December 1948. Among Mr. Watson’s thoughtful words about family holidays and summer visits at the Carr homestead, he reflects upon the value of memories and the importance of keeping them. A good reminder as we reflect on 2020.



….how could an hour or two in the early evening be more pleasantly spent than to lounge in an easy chair with feet on a cricket, before a log burning merrily in the fireplace…..


Decades ago the home movie recordings made by 8 MM and 16 MM films were a sure fire way to get everyone together to remember big events and familiy holidays.  We encourage you to take the time and look through the JHS collection of old photos and movies and see what memory or snapshot you can find that will tell a story you didn’t know.

clip from film




We are indebted to Howard Sherman and the donation of his family movies, one of which we show today of a very cold Jamestown, circa 1939.  When was the last time we saw so much snow on Narragansett Ave?

Click on this link to view this film. We have more than 30 films in our online collection, you can explore them here. (Please note that the films work best on Google Chrome & may not display properly in other browsers.)

franklin cottage

Mr & Mrs William B Franklin enjoying a cozy time at the Susan B. Franklin cottage (belonging to their daughter) that was located on Hull Cove Farm Rd., motto over the fireplace reads:
PARVA DOMUS MAGNA QUIES = Little House, Great Peace, c. 1910

edward dickens







Our admiration for steadfastly facing the cold goes to Capt. Edward Dickens who was born on Block Island but lived in Jamestown for 30 years. He made his living through farming and fishing. In 1909, the Boston Post presented him with a gold-headed cane for being the oldest living citizen in Jamestown, he died in 1910.