Members of the Jamestown Historical Society who grew up on Conanicut Island or spent their summers here will recognize many of the businesses that are found in the JHS Financial records. The letterheads in the JHS collection are receipts for work completed by town businesses from the beginning of the 20th century.


The oldest letterhead, dated March 8, 1905, is a receipt from Thomas D. Wright, a carpenter who worked on the windmill. The second oldest in the collection, dated September 17, 1906, was from Patrick McCafferty, who did landscape gardening at the windmill. There is a letterhead dated November 1, 1929 from Albert A. Boone who also did landscape gardening at the windmill by order of Dr. R. W. Bates, and his signature can be seen on the receipt.

A more recent letterhead dated August 27, 1960 was from E. R. Vieira Co., who delivered “coal, coke, wood, ice, spring water, sand and gravel,” to islanders and made a donation of ice to the windmill.

The letterheads are from many businesses that did work for the Jamestown Historical Society. Hammond’s Hardware, Bertil F. Brodin, Peter H. Blackwell, Lewis W. Hull, Thomas D. Alton Head, Jr, Eric L. Moberg, Sylvia’s Garage, Central Garage, Phillips’s Garage, Joseph S. Martin, Jr., Smith’s Flowers and Gifts, Jamestown Designs, and Midway Market are some of the 70 letterheads in the collection.