New Library Exhibit:  August, 2019

The new exhibit in the library show unusual envelopes in the JHS collection, ranging from late 19th century bills from Jamestown’s summer hotels that used drawings  of the hotel as return addresses to fancy cancels in honor of Jamestown events.  Included is an envelope sent airmail from the air field at Beavertail.


Some of the unusual envelopes include:

Sketch of the Bay View House as return address, 1893;  Return after 5 days to Hotel Thorndike Jamestown RI, 1898; Gardner House, Gardner & Littlefield Proprietors, 1887; Jamestown Bridge Dedication, August 3, 1940, cancelled stamp is for the RI Tercentenary 1636 1939 and First Day Cover, Jamestown Bridge Opening Day, July 27, 1940