About Us

Founded in 1912 primarily to ensure the preservation of the Jamestown Windmill


The Society has approximately 430 Members and an all-volunter no paid staff of 35 Committee and Program Workers, 15 Officers & Directors, and about 150 volunteers. Committee Organization.


The Society maintains a museum at 92 Narragansett Avenue, a vault in the basement of Town Hall at 93 Narragansett Avenue, the Old Jamestown Windmill on North Road, and the Quaker Meetinghouse at North Road and Weeden Lane.  The Society helps manage the 1776 Conanicut Battery Historic Park off Beavertail Road.


Collections JHS has in excess of 30,000 photographs, letters, documents and memorabilia catalogued. Much of the Collection is about the ferry service and Jamestown Bridge. Most of the photograph collection has been digitized, and the objects have been photographed.
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JHS has an environmentally controlled vault to house valuable collectibles. Located in the basement of the Town Hall built in 2007. It has storage space and work stations and has all the latest water and fire protection systems as well as the latest temperature and humidity control systems.

Officers and Directors

  • 2016 - 2017
    Mary Heath

    Jim Buttrick

    Heidi Keller Moon

    Rosemary Enright

    Rosemary Enright

    Stephanie Amerigian, Suzi Andrews, Eric Archer, Fred Brown, Bob Flath, Gabe Highstein, Polly Hutcheson, Delia Klingbeil, Marcia Lindsay, Larry McDonald, Dianne Rugh, Bill Salmons, Linda Warner, Dan Wright

Programs and Exhibits

The Society creates summer exhibits for its Museum and maintains display cases and exhibits in the Jamestown Philomenian Library and the Lawn Avenue middle school.


A newsletter is published bi-annually and research papers are published from time to time.  Occasional history articles and a monthly column about Society events appear in the Jamestown Press.


Funding for the Society's operations is from member dues, event revenue, publication and souviner sales, donations from individuals and foundation grants.

Special Projects

2005 - The JHS purchased at auction the Town's first land title: a 1657 document dividing the island amoung the first 100 owners.
2006 - The JHS developed and adopted a Long Range Plan to restore the 1886 Museum building, build an environmentally controlled vault, open a museum workshop in the Town's school.
2007 - The JHS implemented a Capital Campaign and raised over $500,000 to repair / restore the Museum , build an environmentally controlled vault for valuables in its collection, and to add to its endowment to help pay for operations and programs.
2008 - The JHS completed all its Museum restorations and finished the vault in the basement of Jamestown town Hall.